Introduction to this website

On this site you will find some general information relating to students and studies in higher education and disability. Stockholm Univerisity has, on a yearly basis since 1993, been assigned from the government in Sweden to administer an extra grant to the higher education institutions to partly cover high costs for personal pedagogical support for disabled students to remove or bridge barriers in the study situation.

A prerequisite for Stockholm University to carry out this task is, of course, cooperation with all higher education institutions in Sweden. This occurs primarily in a network for cooperation between the Coordinators of the targeted pedagogical support at all universities, called the Coordinators' Network, and in a national reference group where 9 higher education institutions are represented.



We welcome your suggestions and ideas concerning the contents of this website. You are also invited to send us material of interest to publish!

Information about studies in Sweden

On the website there is information in Swedish and English about how university studies are organised in Sweden. Here you will find comprehensive information on subject studies, courses and programmes, where they are offered and links to the seats of learning respectively.

The website is aimed at students in other countries interested in a study period in Sweden. Here you will also find information about life as a student in Sweden, conditions and practical facts.

A student project: Study Abroad Without Limits

"In the Study Abroad Without Limits forum you can make contact with other students with disabilities who are studying in the countries inolved in the project. They can give you first hand information about studying and living in the host country." You find the forum on the first page of the LINK network website